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March 02,2018

Madiha backs off her previous video statement

Afzal Nadeem Dogar

KARACHI: In a fresh development in Intezar murder case, Madiha, the only eye witness has given a new confusing statement before the JIT, denying her previously posted video claims of seeking security.

In her new statement before the JIT probing Intezar murder case, Madiha has claimed that Kazim Shah had took her to Intezar’s house against her will at midnight (03:00am), where she was forced to make the statement, adding that Ishtiaq Ahmed’s lawyer made her video with his personal phone and uploaded it on social media without her consent. The video went viral on internet in which she can be seen requesting the concerned authorities for her security.

“The statement in the video is not with my consent, however, the first statement is true.” Madiha stated.

In wake of her new statement, police said that the act of taking out a girl from her house without her consent and compelling her to give a forced statement to upload on social media is a breach of law, even when an investigation team is working on the case.

Police further said that these kind of actions can affect the smooth processing of investigations. If there was any certain claim it should have been presented in the allowed court instead of making it viral on social media.

Kazim Shah, who allegedly made madiha’s video viral on social media, failed to appear before the court on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Sohail Ahmed, father of Mahrukh gave a two-hour long statement to JIT from USA through a video session, denying the reports that he has ever threatened anyone. He added that Mahrukh and Intezar were class fellows, while Intezar used to make countless calls to her daughter.

Sohail stated that he had asked his daughter to avoid talking to Intezar, but he never forced her.

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