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February 11,2018

KLF-18: Sharmeen Obaid urges the need to nurture young voices

Nimra Afzal

KARACHI: “When young voices are nurtured they become tomorrow’s leaders”, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, said on Saturday.

The dialogue came out from a jam-packed session, titled ‘To write or not to write’ moderated by Saby Javeri, that was held during the ninth edition of Karachi Literature Festival.

Sharmeen, who was declared by Time magazine as one of ‘the hundred most influential people in the world’, added significant concerns that open potential of raising better writers in the coming years.

Throughout her narratives that built a motivational vibe to promote women in writing, she insisted that women should take up on their potential to write.

She said the women should write as they have a voice, adding that “when you allow a woman to write, you open the world to her.”

Amid many motivational sessions that lined up persuasive words for latent writers, she urged the need to take on regional prose and writing. She said our regional languages need to be a part of our DNA and insisted that “we should allow ourselves the pleasure to read and understand and cultivating that is so important.”

Sharmeen lauded the young poets on the launch of ‘Arzu Anthology of Student Voices’ as the session highlighted some of touching writings and dominant verses from the contributors, and insisted all to encourage next generation writers of Pakistan.

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