Speedy justice

February 10,2018

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Nawaz Sharif is trying to politicise his case by addressing huge rallies in various cities, but he is drawing a large number of people to his gatherings because the common man is now fed up with the judiciary system. This is because court cases in Pakistan remain pending for years. Many obstacles are laid on the path of justice in local courts. The common man cannot afford delays in court cases since he cannot afford to pay large amount of money as fee.

The need is to provide speedy justice to the common man. This step will resolve the major issues that are being faced by the nation. There are certain state and non-state land mafias who have the land of people in their possession and they pay no proper compensation. Such cases are lingered on for decades, because the players are all powerful. So there is definitely a dire need to reform our judicial system and ensure that speedy justice is dispensed at the lowest level. Every individual or institution should be treated equally before law and justice.

Zahid Ali Khan



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