Hidden cameras’ scandal: Six things women should ensure before using a shop's trial room

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February 09,2018

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The discovery of hidden cameras at a branded women’s clothing store in Faisalabad has created panic and resulted in an intense frenzy amongst the people of the city and the entire country alike.

With the emergence of the incident, it has become extremely important for women to be vigilant of any hidden cameras installed inside trial rooms of various clothing stores.

In order to ensure complete privacy, following are the steps women should undertake before using a public changing room:

1. Make sure there are no cameras inside the room.

2. Take a look at the number of mirrors in the room.

3. Try touching the mirrors with your finger. If there is a gap between the reflection in the mirror and your finger, then it is safe to use the room.

4. However, if there is no gap, then the mirror is double-sided and it is highly possible for others to see you from the other side of it.

5. Check if your phone’s internet connection is working. If not, then the room might have hidden cameras in it.

6. The likelihood that mobile networks die down in the proximity of a camera is to be considered. Make a call with your phone to check if signals are available. If not then the room might have hidden cameras. Check if this is actually the case and report to the authorities accordingly.

The hidden cameras’ incident in Faisalabad has raised speculations over the credibility of all famous brand stores in the country. While some shopkeepers believe that they go to any lengths to ensure the privacy of their customers, the incident coming from a leading brand store has come as a complete shock.

According to sources, police raided a women’s garment shop in People’s Colony area of the city and arrested two people after it discovered hidden cameras inside the trial room of the shop.

The authorities then registered a case against the shop’s manager and owner, whereas the two detainees are to be investigated consequently.


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