Doors of hope

February 09,2018

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This refers to the article ‘The way to genuine democracy’ (Feb 7) by Atta-ur-Rehman. The writer believes that the presidential form of government is the best for Pakistan. He has given the examples of the progress of the US and France – two countries that are being run under the presidential system. Although I respect his views, I would like to add that we have tested presidential form of government in the past and we didn’t get desired results. Our first civilian president, Iskander Mirza, and the other four dictators selected their teams but failed in solving the problems of the country. In fact, they created more problems by overlooking the existing problems.

The truth is: no system is bad, if it is allowed to flourish. If this incumbent system is not allowed to perform, how can it deliver? The writer has given examples of the US and France, but he has said nothing about developed countries which follow a parliamentary system. This system is useful too, but will take time. We should bear with it. The problem with us is that we become intolerant under democratic rule. However, our lips are sealed under the rule of dictators.




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