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February 07,2018

Senate's Hindu candidate Krishna Kolhi for women health and education in Thar

Wasif Shakil

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Anwar Lal Dean, candidate on minority seat, talks to The News.

KARACHI: Krishna Kolhi, a Pakistan People's Party (PPP) candidate for the Senate seat, hoped to bring issues of her marginalized Hindu community in Thar to limelight and help them get resolved through pro-people legislation.

Talking to The News earlier today at the Election Commission prior to the submission of papers for the Senate poll, Kumari said that with her selection in the upper house, people of her area are now in a better position to raise their voices in the Parliament.

Krishna Kumari, a Kolhi woman belonging to a remote village in Nagarparkar district of Thar, is among the 12 candidates contesting for seats from the Sindh Assembly.

A strong proponent of education, Kumari urged the underprivileged to acquire education as it is the only way to achieve success. “Provision of quality healthcare and girls education in my district is my top priority,” she said.

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Krishna Kolhi

Reminiscing her childhood, Kumari said that her family spent a very difficult life, adding that they she had to work in the fields after school.

Apart from Kumari, the other candidate selected for women representation in the Senate is Quratulain Marri. The one candidate of the party for seat of minorities is Anwar Lal Dean, belonging to the Christian community.

A resident of Karachi’s Saddar area, Anwar Lal Dean thanked the party leadership for investing faith in him.

“PPP have won the hearts of Christians by nominating me for the Senate. I shall work for the rights of minorities,” Lal Deen said, adding that his focus would be on the legislation for the poor of his country.

For Quratulain Marri, legislation for the disabled is on top of her agendas when she is elected to the Parliament. “We lack on both access and accessibility of rights of the special people,” she said.

Moreover, Senator Murtaza Wahab, nominated on general seat, vowed to continue pushing forward his bills that he earlier introduced in the Senate. Witness protection and conflict of interest bill for Federal Cabinet are a few bills initiated by him that have now been approved by the respective Standing Committees and hopefully will be adopted by the House in the new session.

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