Customs Collector Shahnaz Maqbool transferred

January 28,2018

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ISLAMABAD: Customs Collector Shahnaz Maqbool, belonging to Balochistan, who had seized 31,000 smuggled mobile phones worth over Rs500 million, has been transferred.

The Customs collector is transferred after two years. During her posting, she had arrested many smugglers and worked against strong mafia of mobile phone smuggling.

The reason of transfer of Shahnaz Maqbool was arrest of the gang of smugglers and controlling the menace of smuggling. She arrested the gang involved in smuggling of mobile phones and its accessories, SIMs and broadcasting equipment. The same mafia offered Rs200 million for not registering case against them but she turned down the offer and lodged FIR against them.

The sources revealed that due to illegal import of mobile phones, the FBR was deprived of millions of rupees revenue in the head of taxes. Customs spokesman Dr Muhammad Iqbal said that Shahnaz Maqbool’s transfer is part of departmental policy.

He lauded the work of Shahnaz Maqbool for controlling the menace of smuggling in the country.


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