Minorities in India

December 31,2017

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The entire world is aware of the anti-Muslim sentiments of Narendra Modi “the Butcher of Gujarat”, which he manoeuvred as CM Gujarat in 2002. Even after winning the elections and before taking over as the PM, he expressed his determination to repeat what he did earlier if the situation arises.

In his chief ministership, a deliberate plan was orchestrated to carry out the massacre of Muslim minority in Gujarat. The mob having addresses of businesses and residences of Muslims, prepared and handed over by Modi's administration, ransacked their property. Around 2,500 Muslims were ruthlessly massacred, hundreds of women raped and over 150,000 were displaced under the direct supervision of the state police. The police not only supervised the plundering of property and killing of Muslims, rather they also physically participated in the massacre.

In this carnage the Muslims didn’t suffer alone, many Christians were also killed, injured and many churches were vandalized. Modi ordered the Gujarat police not to halt the bloodshed or help the victims and later defended the police action as well. Modi’s direct involvement in the Gujarat massacre, from planning to execution, was evident from the slogans alone, chanted by the mob ie. “Yeh andar ki baat hei, police hamarey saath hai, Jaan se mar dengey, Bajrang Dal zindabad and Narendra Modi zindabad”.

The civilised world and the US State Department also found Modi complicit in the Gujarat riots, condemned him and denied visas to him. However, Modi was never charged by the central government for his crimes, which emboldened him and his extremist followers. Not only did Modi get elected for the third term in Gujarat, rather he succeeded in expanding the radicalisation of the majority of Indian/ Hindu population and got elected as the PM.

The West/ US due to their trade interests in India, one of the biggest markets, closed their eyes and ignored Modi’s heinous crimes. Modi capitalised this opportunity and embarked upon fulfilling his RSS agenda and Hindutva ideology. Since Modi became the PM, lives of minorities in general and the Muslims in particular has become miserable; a lot of Muslims have been lynched just on the suspicion of consuming beef, possessing or transporting cow/ beef. To cap it all, an RSS extremist and open enemy of Muslims, Yogi Adityanath, who is vehemently following the extremist RSS policies, has been made the chief minister in Uttar Pradesh.

The Indian history is being deliberately distorted and rewritten, the fanatics are influencing youth's minds in schools and streets and the world's biggest democracy is being systematically radicalised. The Gau Raksha zealots, who publicly beat and kill Muslims, go unpunished, rather hailed by RSS leaders. The saner voices in India are being silenced through intimidation, rebuke and bullet; many journalists, human rights activists and lawyers have been killed so far. The murderers mostly go unpunished, rather are hailed by their patrons; in certain cases those issuing death threats to journalists are found being followed on Twitter by Modi himself.

The apathy of the Modi government and encouragement of extremist Hindus by the RSS leadership has given a free hand to them to create ingenuity in torturing and killing Muslims. In a recent barbaric incident, an extremist Hindu fundamentalist, Shambu Lal Raigar, brutally killed and then burned a Muslim labourer, Mohammed, in the Rajasthan state. Not only did Shambu brutally kill and burn him, he recorded the video of the same and uploaded along with inflammatory rants and his bank details to raise money for a campaign against those who practice Islam.

The most alarming and ignominious thing is the prompt response of public, from across India, in donating money for such a shameful cause. More than 700 sick-minded people, from across India, donated around 300,000 rupees in no time, before it was stopped by the government. The Modi-led BJP government has hit the moral fiber of the society very badly, making India literally a failed state to protect the lives of its minority.

The entire Indian minority is being terrorised with the tacit approval and supervision of Indian government, BJP and RSS. The civilised world needs to take notice of the alarming human rights violations in India and compel the Indian government to protect the life and property of all the minorities living in India.


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