Indian High Commission’s junior officer recalled

December 24,2017

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LAHORE: The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has recalled a junior official working in the Islamabad High Commission and launched action after sending him on forced leave.

It is said that the official developed relations with a Pakistani female journalist in Islamabad and met her several times during a few weeks, which had nothing to do with his official assignments. The junior Indian official was recalled on Dec 12 at a time when the new high commissioner, Ajay Bisaria, had arrived in Pakistan.

The Indian high commission had informed the external affairs ministry that three junior officials were involved in irresponsible activities in Islamabad, which might cause embarrassment to India. It was also feared that the people with whom these officials were developing relations could also be spy agencies members.

However, the investigation confirmed the reports about only one official against whom action was launched after sending him on forced leave.

When contacted, sources in the external affairs ministry in New Delhi told the daily Jang that the said official during investigation alleged that the female journalist had some other motive and she was developing relations with him at the behest of someone else, adding that he had been enticed by her.


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