021 Disrupt: a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to do what they aim

November 05,2017

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Pakistan’s biggest entrepreneurship conference “021 Disrupt” was a hub for all the aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators on to a common platform and shares their success stories for the upcoming entrepreneurs. The conference hosted over 25 institutional investors and 200 startups.

‘021 Disrupt’ conference day-two, organised by Nest I/O, has set up its stage with a single agenda i.e. to promote the culture of increased investment in the country. With this single agenda many success stories of the people who started their journey from a grassroots’ level to being a CEO of mega business were also shared for the young entrepreneurs.

Being an innovator guide to the future of Pakistan, Jahanzeb Chaudhri, CEO of Mandiexpress, shared his experience of how he made a business out of a basic idea that finding good quality vegetables and fruits should be easy and how one can simply enjoy only the highest quality food from the comfort of their homes.

He further narrates the problems he faced with establishing a startup in Pakistan, “It is very hard to start a business in Pakistan, since e-commerce is new to many people and the procurement is the hardest part of any business, but through NEST I/O you get such confidence to overcome all the hurdles and to have faith to start on your own”.

Nadia Patel Gangjee, the founder of Pakistan’s first online “women-only” marketplace, who launched their entrepreneurship at The Nest I/O years back, also shared their stories with the audience that how e-commerce gave entrepreneurship and earning opportunities to women and women-owned businesses.

While thanking her mentors she said, “I am a graduate of NEST I/O and no such conference has ever held in the past in the country,which has attracted and brought so many big international investors on a single platform.

Nest I/O has made it possible to bring business back to Pakistan and people have started thinking to startup a business of their own.

This conference covered all parts by giving lectures on e-commerce to bringing the investors from all over the world and this has encouraged many souls to stand on their own.

Investor Lounge, a startup from the first batch ofPSHA’s Tech Incubator The Nest I/O, also shared their journey with the people of how they started and how a basic idea of Investors Lounge empowers people with the education and analytics required to make intelligent investment decisions.

He further said that '021 Disrupt' will be giving fresh breath to e-commerce of Pakistan. The aim of this conference is to show people that there are plenty of channels to start your own business. This conference is the ultimate messiah for the upcoming generates who aim to hit big.

While every single person in this world, business owner or employee, has something unique and different to bring to the table. While many are gifted in different ways, and, your gift may be comparable to the gift of another sharing a similar message, it’s not the same. NEST I/O conference '021 Disrupt' made unique talent and passion, a platform to shine, and gave the best possible spin on their own business.

There are many Facebook sellers, nail salon owners and car dealers out there but 021 Disrupt made sure that your personal perspectives and your own areas of focus are going to make you creative and original.


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