Exclusive with team of theatre play 'Mushk'

November 03,2017

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A panel discussion was held at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST), in which the cast of MUSHK – a play ready to be launched at Karachi’s Arts Council soon – unveiled the intricate details of it.

Mushk directed by Kanwal Khoosat, is an adaptation of a French play featuring two protagonists, performed by veteran actors Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha.

Sania Saeed, performing as Zoey Kabir, will be seen as a journalist, who interviews an inflexible book writer Sophiya, played by Nimra Bucha. The story revolves around the struggles of these two characters unfolded throughout their distinct journeys.

In the play, Zoey tries hard to get the interview of the famous novelist, who she desires the most and regards her book that gained rapid popularity. But little did they both know that the book acts as catalyst in unveiling their respective characters.

During the interview with the cast of the Mushk, few fun questions were asked which divulge the essence of the play.

What is the most highlighted part about this play?

Sania Saeed responded, “In the past, theater plays that women have played roles in, were in reference to someone; a sister, a mother, a daughter or a wife. This play stands out to be different because the story revolves around two protagonists that are portrayed by independent and strong women, while there is no other cast in the play. Originally this play was based on the story of two men.”

What is the genre of the play?

Sania and Nimra both chuckled and answered together, “It’s a mixture of all… While watching this play one cannot cite what specific genre this play is based on. It is predominantly mystery, romance and poetic.”

What was the most difficult part for you in the play?

Sania Saeed: “We struggled a lot with the play. We use to get irritated with the script since it was so hard to do justice with the characters. Most of the time, the script had left me puzzled with what actually is the motivation of the character and how to understand the essence of the character I was given.”

Nimra Bucha: For the very first time we started rehearsing for a play two months earlier. At first, I could not understand a single scene from the script. It was all Greek to me. I was terrified with what are we going to do with this play. For me it was like a rocky mountain with no shoes to climb.

Why is the play named Mushk?

Sania responded promptly, “There is an elusive quality of MUSHK. It looks like something else and it turns out to be something else. Its origin is very much different from its use. Just like this the play is also narrating the journey of two characters through a single plot.”

If you both are protagonists, whose journey it is actually?

To this, Sania responded, “It is hard to distinguish whose journey it is as we both are protagonists. Our characters are completely split from each other and together we make a single journey in this play.”

How much do you see yourself in the characters and as an actor how hard or easy was it to connect with the character?

Sania Saeed: “The characters we are playing are not like us at all. We have to struggle tons just to do justice to the characters. But overall we loved these characters. We had worked on each and every detail of the characters just to chisel it. We kept coming back to our characters subjectively and very objectively also. We approached these characters on very strange level and had to dissolve this character in my personality.”

The play will be performed in Arts Council, Karachi from 3rd to 5th November 2017.


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