Govt hospitals heaven for elite political prisoners!

October 23,2017

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It’s seems to be very clear that nobody is above the law but unfortunately in Pakistan law is only for poorer not the so-called elite or upper class specially those who have connections in power corridors or having alliance with the God fathers of Politics.

Since when our corrupt politicians came under law or our law enforcement agencies caught them for their undue work they take shelter from the law on the basis of medical issues which shows that how much rotten our process of Justice and law is.

Since the Karachi operation has been started many politicians specially those who were the mafias or controller of the city like MQM, PPP and others not only take law as their property but use it according to their will and in these cases our government hospitals provide a vital role to give them shelters on the basis of medical grounds.

Since in last two years many politicians like Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Karachi Division President Dr Asim Hussein, Qadir Patel, Sharjeel Memon, Mutahida Quami Movement (MQM) Pakistan leader Kunwer Naveed Jamil, Pak Sar Zameen President Anis Qaim Khani and others are one of those who were taken medical shelter and had admitted in hospital and take their prisoner into ‘Prison Heaven’.

Professor Doctor Nadeem Rizvi, the renowned cardiologist at National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases says “being a doctor it’s my prime responsibility to save the life of a patient whether he or she is prisoner or murderer and we obey the court of law”.

Dr Seemin Jamali, the Executive Director of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center said that we are conducting medical board on the orders of respected court and in case of Dr Asim Hussain seven members medicals board had been conducted a complete medical checkup and than Dr Syed Haroon Ahmed, the renowned psychiatric advised him to admit in special ward.

Take an example of Dr Asim Hussain, JPMC special ward outlook where he was stayed more than 16 months a heavily guarded look like a semi five star hotel room where a luxury bed, fridge, air-condition, television along cable are provided by the than administration of the JPMC.

An official on the basis of anonymity from NICVD, National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases, said that while taking medical checkup of Political Prisoners we had a huge pressure from government side and also from political parties that we have to provide a maximum relief to that patient.

On the other hand some paramedical staff and doctors who are working at the Jinnah Hospital and National Institute of Cardio Vascular disease’s Special Ward inform on the basis of anonymity that when we go for these so called ‘Political Patients’ routine checkup and follow-up we are facing undue checking from security officials, due to which many medical experts did take such a divergence, while others were taking it as an opportunity to get closer to political leaders as well.

Senior lawyer and President of Sindh High Court Bar Association Shahab Sarki while talking to The News said that 80 to 90 percent cases for medical related issues are coming from jail. Where a doctor from jail can examine a prisoner and request the trial court that a patient is suffering from XYZ disease and in jail we don’t have a an expert of this and that particular disease, so on the basis of humanity, the honorable court will allow a prisoner to admit him/her in the government hospital.

Mr. Sarki has admitted that there are some loop holes in the law that’s why people who are from political side, government side and even from Bureaucracy use it and take shelter on medical ground .

More than 3000 prisoners are in Central Jail of Karachi, only 50 beds hospital having less than primary care facilities are available in the Jail.

A retried doctor who had worked in Central Jail in Karachi had confirmed that in Jail not a single Operation Theater is available where a doctor can perform a minor surgery that’s why more than 90 percent prisoner are referring to Civil hospital and Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center where a separate ward is available to rescue the health of a prison.


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