A trip to Asia’s biggest and famous cow ‘Mandi’

August 24,2017

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Ahead of the Eid-ul- Azha, people are visiting Asia’ biggest cattle market for the purchase of sacrificial animals. Like every year, Asia’s largest cattle market has been set up at Karachi’s Super Highway where thousands of sacrificial animals have been brought for sale.

This year, Eid-ul-Azha will be marked on 2nd September and people are buying the animal way ahead. Cattle market also locally known as ‘Mandi’, is not just a place to attract customers to purchase cattle for the religious sacrifice but also popular for its special varieties of animals.

As one drives towards Mandi, you can vibrantly vouch where all the uproar is taking place. From a distant one can see all the fancy tents and glaring LED lights make a spark. There’s plenty of space for parking motor vehicles, bikes in particular.

There are plenty of options for the prospective buyers who undertake the journey towards Mandi. More than 30 VIP tents, where heavy sized animals worth more than Rs1 million are available for sale.

Going to the cattle market, one can easily grasp the love Pakistani youth have for the animals, be it goats, dairy animals or bulls so far as that is concerned. Inside the substantial tents, various domesticated animals are attached to wooden stumps and columns with overhead spotlights putting them on the spotlight.

Also, the cattle were specially decorated to give off a splendid, extravagant look to the animal, with coloured ornaments fastened around their next and mouths. These ornaments of sorts were to restrain the animals and show them off to prospective buyers, at the same time.

As one enters the tent you can hear all the uproars. These uproars happen whenever the caretaker decides for a little show of catwalk of the cows, and the youth never hesitated in clicking selfies with the animals.

Every farm owner is proud of their merchandise and almost come off as braggarts.

“We feed our animals with healthy food, which consists of dry-fruits and other items,” said the owner and the caretaker of one cattle farm.

A food court has also been set-up near the cattle market, for buyers who had become weary and wanted to grab a bite to satiate their hunger, before continuing the search for their sacrificial animal of choice.

Plenty of stalls and eateries were operating inside the food court.

All things considered, in the event that despite everything you haven't obtained a bovine, goat or bull to give up for this Eid or are basically a creature darling, at that point this is the place to be. One thing is for sure however. A trek to Sohrab Goth's steers market can be anything besides ordinary!


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