What went wrong for MQM Pakistan in PS-114?

July 24,2017

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As Saeed Ghani took oath in Sindh Assembly - assuming MPA-ship for PS-114 - MQM Pakistan representatives sat helpless.

Not long ago, MQM was more than confident of winning this constituency. Days ago, MQM Pakistan’s Coordination Committee joined heads to probe why and how did PS-114 slip from their hands?

Back on the polling day, orders for sweets and sound system for celebrations were made at MQM election office in Manzor Colony.

Polling was closed and results were showing up from 92 polling stations of PS-114.

It was around 8 pm when wind started blowing against them.

Neck-to-neck score between Saeed Ghani of PPP and Kamran Tessori of MQM began to gulf. The gape widened. It took a hike for PPP and halted for MQM Pakistan.

During entire contest, PPP was relying on its stronghold "Chinesar Goth" whereas MQM was counting on its hotbed "Mehmoodabad" in constituency.

In Chinesar Goth, majority votes came out of ballot boxes had stamps on "arrow" (electoral sign for PPP). No wonder. Situation veered off when MQM Pakistan's strong UCs in Mehmoodabad spewed out votes with "arrows" than "kites" (MQM electoral sign).

30 out of 92 polling stations did the damage for MQM Pakistan that too from its own supported areas. Comparison says it all.

In General Elections 2013, People's Party gained merely 147 votes from UC 2 of Manzor Colony. However, in by election, number of votes climbed to two thousands for PPP.

At the same time, MQM Pakistan's votes reduced to 4,472 in comparison with 5,800 votes back in 2013.

The same leap for PPP was noticed in UC 6 of Ashraf Colony. Saeed Ghani managed to collect 2,500 votes whereas PPP candidate was able to get only 773 votes in 2013. MQM, in 2013, bagged 4,696 votes. The number shrank to 3,846 in by-election 2017.

In this way, MQM Pakistan lost 2,234 votes once belonged to them and PPP gained 3,741 new votes from rival's areas.

According to final results by Election Commission of Pakistan, Saeed Ghani defeated Kamran Tessori by the margin of 5 thousand votes. MQM Pakistan leadership is left with the strong reason that this is how PS-114 fell for PPP.

Saeed Ghani in his speech on the floor of Sindh Assembly said, "Some of my friends in MQM helped me out during poll."

Defeat became the lesser misery for MQM Pakistan now. The bigger question is that who voted for PPP from MQM dominated areas?


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