Outages ordeal

June 08,2017

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Power supply to about one-fourth area of Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) was suspended for hours following Tuesday night thunderstorm, making the life of people miserable.

The power distribution system of Lesco proved too fragile to even bear the moderate thunderstorm, cutting power supply to large swath of the metropolitan and adjoining districts from 9pm Tuesday to as late as Wednesday noon. Not only Tarawih prayers were affected due to power failures but people also faced immense problems during Sehri due to failure of power and water supplies.

People complained that Lesco staff, in many cases, did not respond to calls about disruption in power supply. They lamented that power supply to their respective areas was suspended for hours.

As many as 279 feeders of Lesco, including 179 urban and 97 rural feeders, were badly affected due to the rain and gusty winds. A spokesman for Lesco said that staff of the company responded to complaints of power breakdowns and restored supply as soon as possible.


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