GoT season 7 teaser: What to expect from the latest season...

March 11,2017

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LOS ANGELES: Only when things were not enough to draw attention towards the show, Game of thrones, the glitch-packed show disclosed the premiere date of season 7.

Unveiling the date got the show’s followers super excited. The ice melting video left fans questioning and tweeting of this possible gesture, catering about 100,000 of them in 15 minutes. This jumpy endeavor made the revealing of the date, quite an event.

Season 6 in a nutshell...

All that Cersei had suffered in the last two seasons was actually a plot for seizing the Iron throne. Her shame, Jaime’s banishment was all Cersei’s plan. With Westeros back in her grasp, it would be interesting to see how things transpire in the upcoming season as the threat of foreign invasion looms over her head.

The most disturbing death of this very cunning character in season 6 is of Margaery. The Queen could not enjoy her reign as she fell prey to Cersei Lannister's wicket plot to kill more than two birds with one stone.

Lord Peter Baelish did timely come to help Sansa's half-brother Jon in the battle against Ramsey Bolton. Will the Stark daughter warm up to the cunning Lord in the upcoming season or will she continue to maintain her distance from him?

Jon Snow has taken back Winterfell and amassed an army for himself, with Ser Davos advising him and fierce Wildling warriors at his disposal. Will he be content with the North or give the South a run for its money?

Daenarys is all set to leave Slaver’s Bay and wage war on Westeros. Tyrion being an advisor to the mother of dragons, instructed her on various matters on which she heeded his advice. Tyrion and Daenarys are on a mission to destroy Queen Cersei and take back the realm.

"My name is Arya Stark, the last thing you are ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die." Arya said this while she fed Walder Frey his dead sons then slashed his throat.


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