Nothing’s wrong

January 13,2017

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This refers to the article, ‘Spectacular dive of the ghazi general’ (Jan 10), by Ayaz Amir. The honourable writer has attended to a variety of points with regard to persons and institutions; those may or may not be agreed to by the majority of his followers. However, one statement made by the writer would surely have surprised patriotic citizens when he ends his article by saying “Is there something wrong with the soil and water of Pakistan?”

Apart from all the logic and reasons that the writer has put forward on various failures, short comings and flaws in our political and systemic fibre, one should not allow anybody to create doubts and ambiguities that cause damage to our national grace and confidence. The scathing statement tends to negate the sacrifices of the millions who laid their lives for this very ‘soil and water’ Was there something wrong with the soil and water they were made-up of?

Abbas Rizvi



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