Imran’s work in KP should have left people yearning for leader like him: Afridi

January 07,2017

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Says Misbah, Younis and he would have retired if there were enough skilled players; country’s most favourite sport can only be improved by cricketers; speaks in Breakfast with Jang

KARACHI: Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi said on Friday that Imran Khan was his ideal. He said that Imran’s work in KP should have left people yearning for a leader like him. He further said that Misbah, Younis and he would have retired if there were enough skilled players. Afridi also opined that Pakistan’s most favourite sport could only be improved by cricketers, not by famous bureaucrats or other people. The former Pakistan cricket team captain also said that he had heard great things about Sindh Governor Justice (retd) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui. He further added that praise was a different thing; however, some positions require much more than just praise. He said that some positions require healthy people, who could give time to their jobs. He also said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had to give time for saving Pakistan’s most favourite sport. Afridi claimed that cricket was the reason for Pakistan’s identification in the whole world.

While speaking during Breakfast with Jang on Friday, Shahid Afridi said that Imran Khan was his ideal and he started playing cricket by getting inspired by him. He said that politics were different from sports. “He is honest,” Afridi said. “I had different expectations from Imran Khan.” He said that Imran should have done things and focused on such aspects that people would have desired for a leader like him.

Afridi also said that there were no health facilities in Sindh. In this case, cricket seemed a far cry to him. Answering a question about joining politics, Afridi asked: “Do you think people like me are in politics?”He said that he thought of opening his foundation after his father’s death. He claimed that he was working on many water projects in Sindh. He said that he had recently worked on the decoration of the Mass Communications Department, University of Karachi.

He further suggested that there should be a players association in Pakistan. He added by saying that he and Younis Khan worked on developing an association, but it was really tough to get all cricketers on one table. He said that he also talked to Inzamamul Haq and Wasim Akram. He said that only cricketers can solve their own problems.

Praising the effort of Jang, he said that this was a good question raised at this forum. “We will try to form a players association again,” he said. “Misbah, Younis and I would have retired if there were enough skilled players. We would have shown no interest in playing international cricket further. But there is no one to take my place. This is the reason why I still consider myself as the best T-20 player. If there is an influx of talent, only then seniors will leave their spots. To take Pakistani cricket to great heights, we will have to strengthen our cricket’s system. Country’s most favourite sport can neither be run by famous bureaucrats nor by any other person. This sport can only be improved by cricketers. My real asset is the love and respect showered on me by Pakistanis. I don’t need any farewell match.”


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