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January 10,2015

Reham Khan’s father was doctor, uncle Hakeem

Sardar Shafiq
HARIPUR: Journalist and anchorperson Reham Khan, who got married to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday, belongs to Baffa town in Mansehra district and is the niece of a former judge Justice Abdul Hakeem Khan.
Abdul Hakeem Khan served as chief justice of Peshawar High Court. He also remained as the governor of the province during General Ziaul Haq’s rule for one and a half years. He died at the age of 90 in January 2007.
Reham Khan’s father Dr Nayyar Ramzan belonged to a prominent family of Baffa. He served in Libya and was buried in his native Baffa after his death. Apart from Justice Hakeem, another uncle of Reham Khan is Dr Sultan.
Reham Khan was married to Dr Ijazur Rahman, who belongs to Gandhian village in Mansehra district. Her father is the maternal uncle of Dr Ijazur Rahman. The couple had three children - two sons and a daughter - before they got separated. They lived for a number of years in UK where Reham Khan read weather news on the BBC TV. The children are living in UK.
It was learnt that Ijazur Rahman, who is a psychiatrist, returned to Pakistan from UK a few years ago and began teaching at the Women Medical College, Abbottabad, which is owned by Dr Azhar Jadoon, presently an MNA of Imran Khan’s PTI.
Dr Ijazur Rahman, however, taught for two years only at the medical college before returning to UK. During this period, he married for the second time. His wife was a fellow teacher at the Women Medical College, Abbottabad. Her name is Dr Samaviya, who belongs to Oghi in Mansehra.

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