Lockdown call withdrawn for fear of bloodshed of youth: Imran

November 03, 2016

Hopes nation will get rid of Nawaz this month ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan on Wednesday expressed the hope that the Supreme Court, as it had announced, would decide...

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Hopes nation will get rid of Nawaz this month

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Wednesday expressed the hope that the Supreme Court, as it had announced, would decide the fate of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif early and during this month the nation would get rid of him. He termed the Nawaz regime a ‘dark night’ and said the capital lockdown call was withdrawn as he feared bloodshed of youth.

Referring to the police and feared bloodshed of youth. Referring to the police and FC crackdown on the caravan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak, he said that excessive shelling suggested as if they were coming from an enemy country. He said PTI was only protesting against corruption of the prime minister and an impression was given as if they were going to take over Islamabad.

Foreseeing spilling of blood of the youth, he said he had phoned Khattak in the morning to go back as he was determined to move forward. He said his party men bore oppression and recalled how 17 PAT workers were gunned down in Model Town and none was held accountable for this bloodshed.

Speaking to a largely-attended thanksgiving public meeting here at the Parade Ground, Imran claimed Pakistan had changed now and the Supreme Court would start accountability of the prime minister from tomorrow (Thursday). “I am foreseeing tumbling down of the middle wicket of Nawaz Sharif and the dawn of a new morning,” he remarked.

He claimed wherever Nawaz went for inauguration of a road project, the people chanted slogans, ‘gali, gali men shor hay, Nawaz Sharif chor hay’ (there is noise in every street that Nawaz Sharif is a thief).

Imran said that he was happy on the remarks of the Supreme Court that due to PanamaLeaks, work had been halted and the state institutions, including NAB were not functioning. He lamented that 5000-10,000 persons were sucking the blood of Pakistan and asserted only through accountability, they could be held accountable and the institutions be strengthened.

“An enslaved nation,” he cautioned, “can never become a great nation, which does not rise against injustices and corruption.” He added the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) also established the first free state in Madina based on justice.

He again said that both PPP and PML-N had signed a charter of ‘muk muka’ in the name of Charter of Democracy (CoD) to rule Pakistan and loot and plunder its wealth turn by turn and avoid being held accountable for their corruption. He alleged Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari had an understanding to remain engaged in a mock fight.

He also came hard on PPP’s Khursheed Shah and called him ‘double shah’, as he was opposed to PTI movement against corruption because he and Zardari feared if Nawaz was to be held accountable, they would also face the same fate afterwards.

Imran said the prime minister should resign, after a case against him was being taken up by the Supreme Court and referred to the resignations by Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid, Rana Mashhood and Mushahid Ullah after they faced allegations. “How will investigation be held against him, when Nawaz is sitting on the top and controls the things,” he wondered.

PTI chairman asked Nawaz Sharif to step down and let the Supreme Court decide about his fate with regard to PanamaLeaks. He added even on account of a railway accident in other countries, the minister concerned would resign, taking the responsibility.

He pointed out the Supreme Court had also, as he had been saying, remarked that the state institutions were not functioning, alleging how would they work, when a corrupt, a thief prime minister was around.

Imran recalled how Sharifs had announced to tear apart belly of Zardari to recover the looted amount and drag him in streets. He called Nawaz ‘Mian Panama Sharif’ and Shahbaz ‘Showbaz Sharif. He ridiculed how Punjab chief minister acted as if he had great care for government schools and hospitals.

He criticised ANP President Asfandyar Wali for siding with Nawaz and said he himself had been saying that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was being denied its promised share in CPEC. He also asked Maulana Razlur Rehman to be grateful to him for Nawaz was in need of his support due to PTI’s movement on PanamaLeaks.

PTI chief castigated the rulers for lying to the nation that they carried arms and said during its 20-year long struggle, his party never believed in politics of violence or anarchy and that they had come out only after knocking at the door of each justice-giving entity and getting no response from them, which was their constitutional and democratic right.

Imran thanked his supporters for turning up in such bigger numbers at the function on the notice of 24 hours. He was particularly grateful to Khattak and his cabinet members and party workers.

He asserted his was not a solo flight, he had so many people along with him and Sh Rashid. Speaking on the occasion, PTI Vice-Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the biggest weapon his party possessed were its ideological and committed workers and claimed the nation was rising and its destination was drawing nearer.

He made it clear that their party was not against democracy but against corrupt system and corrupt politicians and would do away with the corrupt system. Qureshi pointed out that the nation witnessed they were not of concert holders but could fight.

AML President Sh Rashid Ahmad said that he was extremely depressed a day earlier on Imran’s decision to end the movement, whereas he wanted fighting the government till end to send it home. “There would have been chaos across Pakistan, had Imran been arrested,” he said.

He slammed the prime minister and called home friend of Indian PM Modi, saying Pakistan faced serious threats from the incumbent rulers in Islamabad and alleged Nawaz did ‘buying and selling’ at Changa Manga jungle. About criticism on Imran that he opted for a solo flight against the government, he asked if PTI chairman joined hands with Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

PTI’s Ch Muhammad Sarwar lamented corruption had rendered Pakistan bankrupt, whereas people remained deprived of clean drinking water. He lamented the government failed to bring back even Rs10 from Swiss banks despite making loud claims in this context.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser said they awaited a signal from Imran Khan, as they came out after burning all the boats. Leader of Opposition in the Punjab Assembly, PTI’s Mehmoodur Rashid claimed Imran had become now a hunter from a player.

Yar Muhammad Rind of PTI from Balochistan said that people of Balochistan stood by PTI chairman. Party MNA Murad Saeed claimed for the first time, the prime minister would be in jail for his corruption.

Meanwhile, a letter by PTI worker Allah Ditta was viral on social media, who wrote to Imran to pay him back his Rs100, after he called off his plan to lock down Islamabad, as he had promised.

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