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August 24,2016

Is MQM fooling the world?

Fahim Sidiqui

KARACHI: The MQM has succeeded in fooling the entire world. Altaf Hussain is still its supreme leader and a deputy convener, even if the party is registered in his name, cannot change his position, much less announce disassociation with him.

In the MQM constitution, Altaf has the supreme powers. its last chapter, Altaf is recognised as Quaid. It says Altaf can form and break anybody.

MQM is bound to get its policy decisions endorsed by Altaf. Hence, no leader, be it the deputy convener, can make party decisions the way Farooq Sattar tried to do in his press conference.

Farooq is party’s deputy convener while convener Nadeem Nusrat is in London. MQM supreme council, formed recently, has also not endorsed Farooq’s statements.

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