Sweltering summer

By News Desk
June 26, 2024

Loadshedding has become an escalating crisis in rural Sindh, particularly during the scorching summer months. The situation has deteriorated over time, with regions such as Kandhkot and Kashmore often receiving only a few hours of electricity daily. Despite paying high monthly bills, residents are deprived of the reliable power they pay for, leading to numerous hardships. During the peak summer season, living conditions are often unbearable without electricity. This relentless heat exacerbates the misery of residents, who are unable to keep their homes cool or even ensure a supply of chilled drinking water.


For many, the cost of installing solar panels or regularly purchasing ice is prohibitively expensive, leaving them with few options to mitigate the extreme conditions. I urge the government to take immediate action to ensure a consistent supply of electricity to the people of rural Sindh. If stable electricity cannot be guaranteed, the government should consider subsidizing solar panels to provide some relief to the affected communities.

Moin Ahmed Awan