Cardi B agrees to do an album in Spanish after her sophomore album

Cardi B is yet to drop her second album after a lot of back and forth over its release

By Web Desk
June 26, 2024
Cardi B most recently said she was no longer releasing her sophomore album this year due to pressure

Cardi B is already setting her sights on her third album, even before her sophomore effort hits the shelves.

The Grammy-winning rapper, 31, took to Instagram to share her vision for a Spanish-language project following her highly anticipated second album, which itself has no clear due date as of yet.


A day prior, the Bodack Yellow hitmaker sang along to her Peso Pluma collaboration Put Em in the Fridge on her Instagram Stories and asked her followers if they would be interested in a Spanish-language album from her. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with nearly 480,000 people participating in the poll and 79% voting in favor.

She reposted the poll results, promising, “OK AFTER MY ENGLISH ALBUM.”

However, fans are still anxiously awaiting the follow-up to her Grammy-winning 2018 debut, Invasion of Privacy. Despite releasing several chart-topping singles and numerous collaborations since then, Cardi B remains tight-lipped about her sophomore album's details.

In May, she took to X (formerly Twitter) to update fans, stating that she would not be releasing an album in 2024. "Anyway NO album this year I don't care I'm relaxing this year... Dropping these features I already committed to and traveling and enjoying my summer," she wrote.

Prior to this announcement, Cardi B revealed in March via Instagram Stories that she has "100" unreleased songs for her second album. "I promise y'all this year, I'm not letting my anxiety, I'm not letting what haters say, I'm not letting what fans say [stop me]," she said. "If I do a song, I'm gonna just f***ing drop it."