'Coronation Street' star resorts to violence in desperate bid to protect wife

Kevin Webster risks jail time with his latest actions on Coronation Street

By Web Desk
June 25, 2024
Coronation Street legend Kevin Webster under scrutiny for losing his temper

Coronation Street legend Kevin Webster was recently under scrutiny for losing his temper during Monday’s episode.

The mechanic, who attempted to assist his wife Abi Webster during the desperate process, resorted to violence and attacked Stefan Brent.


Meanwhile, Abi threatened the production company after she found out about Stefan’s position on the board.

She was disgusted after her fake pornographic clips were circulated, leaving her no other choice.

Kevin was quick to come up with a plan for Stefan’s downfall following his revenge porn.

He looked it up, learning about evidence on the phone to strike a deal with Stefan.

During a candid conversation, Stefan explained: "I had a quote from the reputation firm and it will cost upwards of £60k per year to keep those videos from circulating. So I'm not prepared to pay that."

To which, Kevin responded: "You can't do this.”

Things escalated quickly between the two, leading to violence.

Ahead of issuing a warning, Stefan threatened: "Well done Kevin, you have just added an assault to the charge sheet. That's two good reasons why you should crawl back into your little hole. Or go to prison."