Macs King surprises with Summer Cup victory at LRC

By Asher Butt
June 25, 2024
This still taken from a video released on November 13, 2023, shows participants during a horse race in Lahore. — YouTube/Pakistan Horse Racing

LAHORE: Macs King emerged from obscurity to clinch the Summer Cup at the Lahore Race Club on Sunday evening. Kicking off the day’s races, Pocket Power powered past all competitors to secure a convincing victory in the opener. An unexpected contender, Tango To Fire, took second place, while the favourite, Jalthal, managed to secure third.


Following the trend of unexpected winners, Flying Fire soared to victory in the second race. Gennie showcased a strong performance to secure second place, while Abdullah Champion, one of the favourites, slipped to third.

Demonstrating unexpected endurance and speed, Macs King sped to victory. Leisure Trip lived up to its expectations, finishing second, while favourite Royal Salute ended up in third place. The fourth race continued the day’s trend of surprise winners with Flight Line taking the top spot. The favourite, Baby Max, claimed second place, and Kuwait Edition surprised everyone by securing third.