Celine Dion’s ‘heart goes on’ to cellist Hauser after ‘Titanic’ tribute

Celine Dion turned down Hauser's request to perform with him on the stage

By Web Desk
June 24, 2024
Celine Dion was moved with the Titanic tribute by Hauser at his show

Celine Dion was honoured this weekend by a world-class cellist, HAUSER, with a rendition of her Titanic theme song.

On Saturday night, June 22, the songstress, 56, widely acclaimed as Queen of Power Ballads, graced the Rebel With a Cello show at Wynn Las Vegas, as per TMZ.


The cello player, born Stjepan Hauser, was aware of Dion’s presence at his show as she was welcomed with a huge round of applause while making her way to her seat.

Pounding over the opportunity, he went to pay tribute to the special guest with a performance of Dion’s iconic track, My Heart Will Go On.

In the fan-captured video making round over social media, the Canadian singer seemed surprised at the onset of the tributary performance, eventually slipping into a different trans as she listened to the beautiful version of her 1997 song.

She was moved by Hauser’s emotional gesture, which hooked and captured her heart until the end. After that, she spared no moment to give the performer a standing ovation.

Soon, she realised that the cheers were not only for the Croatian native but the concertgoers were also clapping for her to which she nodded with thanks.

Although Hauser tried to have her on stage to perform the 27-year-old song together, Dion politely turned down his request as she is battling with stiff muscle syndrome.

However, she met him after the show and snapped pictures to capture the moment.