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By News Desk
June 23, 2024
An aerial view of Islamabad is seen in this undated image. — X/Islamabadies/File

— how an education emergency to enrol out-of-school children in the country was declared by the government but no one even talked about the ways to tackle it during the budget session that outlines the government’s financial goals for the whole year, making it appear that it was just rhetoric and not a serious plan. People say it appears that there is an overall lack of seriousness in the country regarding the poor status of education and the spending to improve it.


— Eidul Azha and the sacrificing of animals that takes place in the streets in front of houses that have no space inside, leaving pools of blood and offal lying in full view of those who pass by, a sight that is distressing for many. In all other Muslim countries, the slaughtering of animals can only be performed at the official slaughter houses where arrangements exist for the disposal of animal remains, so we should also adopt this practice.

— the budget and how the overall cost of living of the average citizen is going to increase, especially since FED rates on necessary commodities are likely to negatively affect households and businesses. People say while it makes sense for a nation’s fiscal policy to revolve heavily around revenue enhancement, there is an extremely important balance between taxation and consumer welfare that must be implemented and the government must avoid managerial lapses when making long-term decisions for the nation.

— the menace of what is known as ‘honour killing’ and how it is being used by family members to murder their kith and kin involved in bringing conceived ‘shame’ to families on moral grounds even though they themselves may be indulging in anti-social crimes of another kind. People say no matter what they call it, those involved in taking the life of any person for this reason needs to be punished in such a manner that it deters others who think in the same way

— the long and confusing list of taxes that are added to consumers energy bills which swell the amount to be paid to the utility companies, while sales tax on other items of daily use is also adding to the woes of citizens. People say despite these heavy taxes, the lack of essential services, such as gas, electricity, clean water, a reliable road network and adequate public transportation, are still not available, causing anger and frustration which spills over into violence.

— how our economic problems are not a shortage of foreign exchange but our love for imported goods and services, while fiscal deficits are not due to shortage of taxes but due to the perks and privileges given to those who are supposed to be serving the country, not self. Withdrawing unnecessary perks and privileges and closing multiple departments would allow funds to be directed towards basic health and education facilities which will generate employment, increase incomes and economic growth.

— the frequent incidents of mob violence and mayhem that are taking place in all cities and how it is frightening the general public to realise that the government and the law enforcement agencies have no proper mechanism or the man power to deal with the problem. People say the situation warrants firm action from the relevant authorities and strict punishment for those involved in inciting criminal elements so that the law abiding population can live in peace. — I.H.