‘Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award’ launched in memory of legendary artist

By Afshan S. Khan
June 23, 2024
Senior Pakistani artist Mansoor Rahi (late) is seen in this undated image. — APP/File

Islamabad : Mansoor Rahi, a celebrated Cubist artist from Pakistan whose recent passing left an indelible mark on the global art landscape, was honoured by his disciples of the Generation Rahi at a memorial event held on Saturday.


To commemorate his legacy and contributions to the world of art, Devcom-Pakistan announced the launch of the Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award on the occasion. An open competition will be announced soon in collaboration with the Rahi General and other art galleries and organisations.

Speaking at the reference in memory of Mansoor Rahi, Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed said: Rahi was the only Pakistani artist widely recognized for his significant work in Cubism art, a genre that he not only mastered but also imparted to countless aspiring artists who became known collectively as the Generation Rahi.

His influence extended far beyond Pakistan, influencing the international art community with his unique artistic vision and technique.

The memorial event, attended by prominent figures from the art world, served as a tribute to Rahi’s life and career, highlighting his impact on contemporary art practices. Devcom-Pakistan, a leading national voluntary organization committed to promoting cultural and artistic endeavors, took the opportunity to announce the establishment of the Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award. This prestigious award aims to recognize and encourage excellence in Cubism in Pakistan, celebrating artists who demonstrate innovation, creativity, and a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, much like Mansoor Rahi did throughout his illustrious career.

Munir Ahmed said the Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award will be a symbol of honour and inspiration for artists dedicated to the Cubist tradition, fostering a spirit of creativity and innovation in the art community. The award will be another feather in the Devcom-Pakistan cap that is a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to fostering cultural, social, environmental, and economic development through various initiatives in Pakistan. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, Devcom-Pakistan aims to promote sustainable development and cultural diversity in the region.

Hajra Mansoor appreciated the Generation Rahi for organising the reference in memory of his late legendary artist husband, and also appreciated the announcement of the Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award by Devcom-Pakistan.

Hajra Mansoor said: “I am deeply touched and grateful to Devcom-Pakistan for honouring my late husband, Mansoor Rahi, with the establishment of the Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award. This award will not only celebrate his artistic legacy but also inspire future generations of artists.

The launch of the Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award is a fitting tribute to Mansoor's lifelong dedication to the art of Cubism. It is heart-warming to see his influence continuing to shape the artistic landscape, both in Pakistan and beyond." “As Mansoor Rahi's wife and lifelong supporter of his artistic journey, I am moved by the recognition bestowed upon him through this prestigious award. I believe it will encourage artists to explore and innovate within the Cubist tradition, just as Mansoor did. This award embodies Mansoor Rahi's passion for artistic exploration and innovation. I am optimistic that it will encourage emerging artists to push boundaries and contribute meaningfully to the evolution of Cubism."

"On behalf of our family, I extend my sincere gratitude to Devcom-Pakistan for creating the Mansoor Rahi Cubism Award. It is a testament to Mansoor’s enduring impact on the art world and a source of pride for all who admired his work." Nahida Raza, artist and organizer of the Reference, said the Generation Rahi will keep up the Mansoor Rahi’s tradition of promoting the art fraternity and the upcoming artists thr­ough various initiatives.