Humane methods

By News Desk
June 23, 2024

This refers to the letter ‘A smarter way’ (June 21, 2024) by Imtiaz Akhter. I live in a well-known and respectable part of Peshawar and though people paid various services to take away the remains and waste after Eidul Azha, in several other areas of the city animal remains are still lying there awaiting collection. The local municipal authorities have all failed in this duty. The sacrifice of animals in residential areas also comes with several other risks such as spread of diseases and the cruel mishandling of poor animals in totally unsuitable surroundings. It is my fervent appeal to all federal and provincial authorities to follow the lead of other Muslims countries and organize animal sale points along with abattoirs/slaughterhouses, away from congested city zones.


Dr Ayesha K Sadozai