Authoritarian era

By News Desk
June 23, 2024

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third term prolongs an era of authoritarian rule, perpetuating a toxic Hindutva ideology that threatens democracy and regional peace. The Indian media now cowers under Modi’s grip, silenced by his oppressive regime. Journalists who dare to speak out are harassed, arrested, and branded terrorists. The BBC office raid and the arrests of Fahad Shah and Sajad Gul are stark reminders of the dangers of seeking the truth in PM Modi’s India. Modi’s disinformation campaign, exposed by the EU DisinfoLab, has global implications, targeting Pakistan and promoting hatred against the country and Muslims in general.


The Occupied Kashmir dispute remains unresolved, with draconian laws enabling human rights atrocities and Pakistan suffering at the hands of India’s state sponsored terrorism, perpetuating a vicious cycle of violence. The international community must hold PM Modi and the BJP accountable for their actions. India’s erosion of journalistic integrity and independence is also a warning sign for global democracy and freedom of expression.

Ayesha Iqbal