Lorraine Kelly reduces Louise Thompson to tears on ITV Show

Louis Thompson opened up about emotional moment with Lorraine Kelly

By Web Desk
June 22, 2024
Louis Thompson reveals emotional breakdown on Lorraine Kelly's show

Louise Thompson recently revealed why Lorraine Kelly got her all choked up off-camera on ITV show.

During a candid conversation with ITV daytime show veteran Lorraine Kelly, the Made in Chelsea legend got candid about breaking down after talking to the reality star.


Thompson, who appeared in Kelly’s morning show last month, opened up about developing PTSD following the life-threatening birth of her son Leo.

Speaking exclusively on the Jamie Laing’s Great Company, Louise said she ended up crying because she was “so nice.”

In a conversation with Daily Star, she said: "Oh she just came to visit me downstairs in the dressing room before going onto her show, Lorraine to formally introduce herself. She is such a kind and compassionate host like that.”

"She was saying how proud I should be of my book with that sort of mother-figure attitude and I actually had to ask her to stop at one point because I was going to burst into tears.”

"I’m a bit pathetic like that. I cry all the time. I am acutely sensitive. I like to cry when things are happy or when things are sad. Bloody love that oxytocin release though,” she concluded.