Rachel Leviss talks finding spirituality during her healing journey

Rachel Leviss discovers new path amid traumatic experiences

By Web Desk
June 22, 2024
Rachel Leviss talks finding spirituality during her healing journey

Rachel Leviss has embarked on a spiritual journey, as revealed on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue.

In the latest episode, the former Vanderpump Rules star, shared her experiences in rehab, where she sought help for mental health and trauma therapy.


The actress, 29, also opened up about exploring spirituality, including a visit to a Mormon church, as she navigates her path towards healing and self-discovery.

“One of the things that I discovered very early on once I checked myself into The Meadows [rehab facility] was this spirituality component that they were bringing into the therapy model,” Leviss explained.

Before entering rehab in California, she admitted that she “didn't have a relationship with my higher power” and that she “was putting men in that position of my higher power, and I would look to them for answers.”

The former pageant queen continued: “That is how I got so lost in my codependency. So right off the bat, I was like, OK, spirituality, interesting.”

The reality star continued, saying that a chaplain assisted her spiritual path. She is still recovering from the "Scandoval" incident involving her ex, Tom Sandoval.

“Since then, I have been integrating that spirituality into my everyday life, going to church on Sundays,” she said. “I tried a Mormon church. My friend took me to a Mormon church.”

Leviss continued her explanation of the significance of spirituality to her.

“I have found a spiritual community out here now, and it just makes a world of a difference because these people are looking to something bigger than themselves,” she said.

In light of this revelation, Leviss recently said that she would prefer to use the moniker "Rocky" rather than "Raquel" to shed light on her former identity.