Kendrick Lamar beefs up his security for new music video shoot

Kendrick Lamar hires security deputies for almost nearly $120 per hour, per source

By Web Desk
June 22, 2024
Kendrick Lamar hires extra security for new music video shoot after Drake feud

Kendrick Lamar has recently beefed up his security for new music video shoot after rekindling Drake feud with new diss performance.

In a report shared via TMZ, the Grammy-winning rapper hired extra security for the upcoming production taking place in Compton, California on June 21.


The source told the outlet that Kendrick’s team took all the necessary precautions for the project and hired deputies from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to bolster security during the shoot.

The insiders didn’t reveal the number of deputies assigned to the job which included different locations in Compton.

The outlet reported that that Kendrick's production company would pay deputies nearly $120 per hour for their presence.

The law enforcement sources further said that police are “aware of Kendrick's latest conflict with Drake, but for now, no threats have been reported”.

The source shared that the police officials are “monitoring social media closely for any developments”.

The new security measures came after Kendrick performed the song from his latest beef with Drake at his Juneteenth concert in LA, reviving their feud.

After the explosive performance, Kendrick said, “'Y'all ain't gonna let nobody disrespect the West Coast, huh?”

“Oh, y'all ain't gonna let nobody mock or imitate our legends, huh?” he added.

Interestingly, Kendrick was seemingly referencing Drake’s choice to use AI versions of Snoop Dogg and Tupac's voices on his track, Taylor Made Freestyle.

Meanwhile, BBC reported that Kendrick’s diss song included a new line, “Give me Tupac's ring back and I might give you a little respect”.

The new additional line explained how Drake purchased the late Tupac Shakur's crown ring for more than $1 million in July 2023, as an anonymous bidder.