Aisam disagrees with IC Council chief advice

By Our Correspondent
June 22, 2024
Pakistan's Tennis superstar Aisam ul Haq gestures in this image on September 16, 2023. — Facebook/Aisam ul Haq Qureshi

KARACHI: President Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi has disagreed with the advice of the Chairman of the Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs (ILTC) regarding the elections of IC Pakistan.


In a letter to Peter Mc Quibban, Chairman IC Council, he said that recent series of events regarding elections and formation of new IC Pakistan have disturbed both IC Council and PTF. “Your suggestion that the currently active two factions of IC Pakistan should work together does not seem to be a viable thing and might make the water muddier,” said Aisam.

Aisam added that PTF has assessed the situation and concluded that “there does not exist any list of bona fide electoral office of IC Pakistan consisting of such members who could be considered members in good standing”.

He added that the Council of ILTC may send their authorised representative to Pakistan who should work on enrolling and developing a new membership of IC Pakistan by accepting new membership requests, scrutinising those and forming a proper electoral college for the election of office bearers through an AGM.

“However we do understand practical problems for you to do all this, therefore to assist you and if so desired PTF will be pleased to undertake all this exercise in its capacity as the National Federation and Governing body of Tennis in Pakistan (as provided in the constitution of Pakistan Sports Board Part 4, Para 16) of which IC Pakistan is an affiliated unit,” said Aisam.

While responding to Aisam’s letter, Peter said: “I look forward to receiving an agreed proposal for a solution to the reconstitution of the IC of Pakistan and which results in an EGM of its members. I would ask that the agreed proposal be submitted to the IC Council before the start of The Championships at Wimbledon on Monday 1 July and 7 days before the AGM of the IC Council”.