Tom Brady reveals who he will take to Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympics

Tom Brady reflects on her football days in a new interview

By Web Desk
June 21, 2024
Tom Brady speaks up about her relation with his youngest child, Vivian

Tom Brady has recently opened up about this special person he will take her to Paris for the Olympic games in July.

The former football star revealed that he would bring 11-year-old Vivian to Paris.


“It's going to be so fun,” said the 46-year-old in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE.

Tom, who has three children, mentioned that he and his sons were also in Paris for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, where they were cheering on the Hertz JOTA team.

Reflecting on her Le Mans race, Tom mentioned, “That race is incredible. Hundreds of thousands of people. It's a road race, but it also has a bleacher part.”

“It's insane. You don't realize how big it is until you get over there,” he noted.

Elsewhere in the interview, Tom replied to a question about which sport he would be watching with Vivian.

“I love all sports!” disclosed the former NFL star.

He explained, “Whether it's a soccer team in the UK, whether it's a racing team like the Hertz Jota team, whether it's a football team, pickleball team, a women's basketball team, an NFL team...really the culture is about people, and about accountability and discipline, and then leadership.”

Tom also recalled his football days, saying, “We were just a bunch of people that love being together and we didn't care who got the credit. We just wanted to win. That's a really unique thing.”

“When I think about this next part of my life beyond football, it's the same thing: being around great people that support you, that give you feedback,” he remarked.

Tom added, “If you want something to be successful, it's all the same fundamentals as sports.”