A new low

By News Desk
June 21, 2024

Recently reported incidents of animal abuse take us further down to another low as a society. A camel’s leg was cut because it reportedly strayed onto another farmer’s land and a donkey’s ears were cut for an unknown reason. One struggles to find appropriate words to even condemn these people. We already know that we are not a country of animal lovers but this treatment is borderline psychopathic. I am not a psychologist but I can at least sense that there is something drastically wrong with some elements of our society. Financial corruption and even moral corruption are rampant to say the least, however this ignoble and disgraceful lowest of lows leaves one with no words to explain how big of a hole we have dug for ourselves. Coming out of it looks to be impossible now. All we are left with to try to correct this situation is to enact some more strict laws and employ the use of media and other platforms to instill some sense in the elements who seem to be oblivious of others’ pain.


Anas A Khan