Prince Harry receives immense appreciation for his support towards King Charles

The Duke of Sussex visited his father after the news broke that The King had cancer

By Web Desk
June 21, 2024
Harry now resides in California with his wife Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is being appreciated for his support towards King Charles.

Prince Harry's reaction to his father's cancer diagnosis received praise, especially after the duke flew to be by The King's side earlier this year. The King has been recovering since and has gradually resumed royal duties.


Harry now resides in California with his wife Meghan Markle after they dramatically stepped back from their senior royal roles in January 2020. Speaking on The Royal Record podcast to Digital Royal Editor Svar Nanan-Sen and Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker, cancer specialist Karol Sikora expressed his views.

"It's very important to have someone around to care for you and to support you psychologically as well as physically. If you feel tired, you want to be able to relax and have tea brought to you and so on. But it's really important to have emotional support and that can come from a family, from a partner or even from grandchildren.

"You see all sorts of wonderful things happening in families that may have dissipated a bit, split up, daughters coming back, having been absent for ten years, coming back and living with their mum to help through a difficult time in life."

Cameron added: "We saw Prince Harry come back across the Atlantic when the King had his cancer diagnosis or made it public. So I suppose it just shows how illness can bring people back together."

The specialist agreed: "It does. And I think making it public is really important because, you know, there are about 350 thousand a year who get cancer.

"1,000 patients a day, nearly. And so to know that the Royal Family have the same problems as us, it's a wake-up call that you can't avoid it, and we have to live with it.

"They're having to live with it too. And everyone copes in very different ways."