Towards peace

By News Desk
June 20, 2024

Narendra Modi’s recent swearing-in as the prime minister of India for a third term marks a significant development in the political landscape of our neighbouring country. As Pakistanis, it is crucial to reflect on how this change might affect our bilateral relations and regional stability.


India, under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, has witnessed a distinctive approach towards its foreign policy, including its stance on Pakistan. Previous terms have seen a mix of outreach and confrontational strategies, creating an unpredictable environment.

With PM Modi’s continuation in office, there is both potential for renewed efforts towards dialogue and the risk of heightened tensions. While the past years have shown periods of both tension and cooperation, the future course of India-Pakistan relations hinges on the political will to engage in sustained dialogue and address core issues. It is in the best interest of both nations to seek stability and peace, which can only be achieved through mutual respect and understanding.

Areeba Ayyoub