Ariana Grande explains how Cynthia Erivo’s friendship changed her as a person

Ariana Grande stars opposite Cynthia Erivo in upcoming Wicked movie

By Web Desk
June 19, 2024
Ariana Grande reflects on his friendship with Wicked co-star Cynthia Erivo

Ariana Grande has recently explained how Cynthia Erivo changed her as a person.

“I hope we learned a lot from each other, but I learned so much as a person from her,” said Grande while speaking on the Podcrushed podcast.


The singer and actress continued, “And she loves hard. She is a Capricorn, and she loves hard and honestly and right.”

During the show, Grande revealed she “was a different person prior to befriending Erivo on the set of their upcoming musical movie… Wicked”.

Reflecting on her and Erivo character in the forthcoming movie, the singer mentioned, "There's something baked into these roles where you're so different from one another that you never know how it can go when you're sharing this experience in a very big way.”

“People have needs and their own creative process, and you never know — like, are we gonna be healthy? And, it was just the most symbiotic, beautiful [experience],” added the songstress.

Grande also expressed her gratitude for making the movie with Erivo and “to work with someone who is just absolutely in their own league of talent”.

“There's no one like her,” stated Grande.

She mentioned, “And to just feel like we somehow speak the same language and somehow we're destined to do this together, and to feel safe every single day together and hold space.”

While discussing about her camaraderie with Erivo, Grande pointed out that they both “have similar but different processes, similar but different needs”.

“To have the love that we have and trust that we have and deep love that we have for each other ... I think it all kind of happened the way it did because of that, and because we were supposed to be in each other's lives,” added Grande.