Joe Alwyn felt 'forced' to talk about Taylor Swift breakup in new interview

Joe Alwyn suffered emotional toll over scrutiny surrouding split from Taylor Swift

By Web Desk
June 18, 2024
Joe Alwyn felt 'forced' to talk about Taylor Swift in new interview

Joe Alwyn decided to nip it in the bud by giving a straight-forward response to conspiracy theories surrounding his high-profile breakup with Taylor Swift.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source reflected on the British actor’s emotional state that led him to break away from his comfort zone and address the split.


“Joe wanted to get this over with once and for all so he can move forward with his life and his career,” they claimed, noting, though he preferred steering clear of having to publicly talk about his personal life in hopes for it to die down by itself, Joe quickly realized it wouldn’t be the case.

For the unversed, Taylor and Joe made headlines for their surprise split last year, after being in a relatively privately relationship since 2017.

“He cannot go anywhere without being asked about Taylor,” the insider explained. “He had his people tell everyone in advance that he was not going to answer questions about Taylor, but he knew that is all people wanted to ask him about.

“It became depressing and emotionally draining,” they admitted.

The Mary Queen of Scots actor originally addressed speculations around his split from Swift in a cover story for The Sunday Times over the weekend.

Describing their nearly seven-year-long relationship as “loving and fully committed,” Alwyn condemned the way it was subjected to brutality of tabloids, social media, and press who “dissected, speculated on, pulled out of shape beyond recognition.”