John Oliver's Red Lobster re-creation delights fans

John Oliver's cake bear quest finally fulfilled

By Web Desk
June 17, 2024
John Oliver's Red Lobster re-creation delights fans

John Oliver was thrilled to finally get his hands on a John Oliver Cake Bearon Last Week Tonight, capping off a humorous saga that began with a bakery's quest for used cooking equipment from a closed Red Lobster location.

Deising's Bakery in Kingston, New York, had left a note on the door requesting the equipment, but Oliver's show swooped in and purchased it at an auction for a comedic segment featuring a mock Red Lobster set and a menu limited to Cheddar Bay biscuits.


After Deising's Bakery owners shared their story in an interview, John Oliver made them a sweet offer: new equipment in exchange for a bespoke bear-shaped cake featuring his face.

The bakery gladly accepted and created the "John Oliver Cake Bear," selling it for $8 each with proceeds benefiting the local People's Place food pantry.

Oliver was overjoyed with the result, thrilled to see his face on the beloved bear-shaped treat.

“I love everything about that cake bear — its wide-open eyes, pleading munch me, munch of bites out of my ass right now,” he joked.

“I love the little paws, the little nose and that each bear basically looks like it’s wearing a John Oliver Halloween mask.”

Oliver displayed an excerpt from an interview with one of the proprietors, who hadn't watched the show on Sunday night but had received comments from others who had, saying: “They made those bears so fast. That guy apparently woke up to text about our show at 3 in the morning — a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. And by 10 a.m. the bears were already on sale, and they even honoured my request that they be given an enormous ass, as their Facebook post announcing them said ‘They have DONK,’ all caps. And just like that, Facebook is good again.

Sorry for everything I said about you, Zuckerberg. You really are a boy genius.”

Oliver did, in fact, just ask that the bear have a big behind, much like the other bears the bakery had previously produced bragged.

“I especially wanted one because, as you can see, each bear has an absolute dump truck ass and simply put, me gusta,” he quipped.