Kate Middleton praised for raising Princess Charlotte well

Princess Charlotte was the spitting image of her mum, the Princess of Wales

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
This marks Kate Middleton's much-anticipated return to the spotlight

Princess Charlotte mimicked her mother, Princess Kate, in numerous ways at the King's birthday celebrations today, according to a body language expert cited by the Mirror.

The Princess of Wales announced yesterday that she would be attending the annual Trooping the Colour event alongside her husband, Prince William, their three children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—and the rest of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace.


This marks her much-anticipated return to the spotlight.

It was also the children's first major royal appearance of the year. All three were in high spirits, with George, 10, on his best behavior, while his younger brother, Louis, 6, displayed his usual playful antics. Charlotte shone in a navy dress with a white bow, her hair neatly tied back.

Charlotte not only coordinated with her mother's outfit but also mirrored her actions and demeanor. Body language expert Judi James observed that the young princess exhibited many similarities to Kate, including her 'pitch-perfect' royal smile as she greeted fans at The Mall.

Speaking to the Mirror, Judi explained: "Sweetly and adorably it seemed to be Charlotte stepping up to delegate some of her mother's body language rituals. Her smile from the carriage was so like Kate's pitch-perfect royal smile and she used eye-engage on the crowds as she waved with enthusiasm."

Charlotte was also seen taking it upon herself to clean the windows of the carriage when the rainyweathersteamed the glass. The 10-year-old wiped the fog away with her bare hands so onlookers could see her and her siblings passing by. Meanwhile, her mum Kate smiled and her younger brother Louis waved out.

Charlotte also appeared to remind Louis who was the boss on the balcony and instructed him to stand straight with his hands by his side as the national anthem played.

Judi said: "As Kate and her three children watched from the open window, it was Kate standing at the back of the group while Charlotte beamed down with an expression of pride, even appearing to mutter to Louis to ensure he stood to attention as she did while the National Anthem was being played."