Today Extra's Sylvia Jeffreys offers inside glimpse on perfect family getaway

Sylvia Jeffreys reflected on her childhood experience while writing for Nine Travel

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
Sylvia Jeffreys reveals her secrets for creating perfect family getaway

Today Extra host Sylvia Jeffreys recently revealed her secrets for creating the perfect family escape.

The 39-year-old host offered an inside scoop on crafting the perfect family getaway with regard to her latest trip to the Gold Coast in May.


Reflecting on her childhood experience while writing for Nine Travel, the Sydney-based mother-of-two explained her stance on revisiting locations with her children.

She said travelling to her childhood locations allowed children to work up their own memories, promoting a sense of tradition.

Jeffreys wrote: "The 5 kilometre jog back to Surfers Paradise was powered by my excitement that my children were about to begin building their own core holidays memories in the place where I forged mine."

"Sometimes a big dose of the "familiar" is just what the doctor ordered," she explained.

In addition, the media personality also revealed her thoughts on striking a balance between children’s entertainment and parental relaxation.

She admitted: "Successful family holidays depend on a little quid pro quo."

"We all know the balance tends to tip heavily in favour of those most likely to tantrum, but us mums and dads have got to take the wins where we can get them."