Princess Charlotte gets new role as Kate Middleton returns to public

Princess Charlotte granted new titles as mum Kate Middleton beams at daughter's support

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
Princess Charlotte gets new role as Kate Middleton returns to public

Kate Middleton’s only daughter, Princess Charlotte, is stepping up as the young royal is granted new title for her brand-new role.

The Princess of Wales delighted royal watchers as she attended the much-anticipated annual Trooping the Colour parade on Saturday, six months after her abdominal surgery and three months after her cancer news.


During the parade Charlotte seemed to have an active role as body language expert, Judi James dubbed her as “Kate’s wing-woman” in her analysis for The Sun.

“There were strong hints that Charlotte is the child primarily protecting and supporting Kate at this event,” James said.

“Sitting opposite her mother she performed the kind of body language rituals that Kate would normally have done, smiling over her shoulder at the crowds and waving with enthusiasm. Like Kate, her smile was almost constant.”

James also noted that Charlotte was the first to get out of the carriage to “form a sweet and very touching line facing their mother, almost to greet her as she alighted with an air of caution” also acting as though she was Kate’s “personal guard of honour.”

She explained that Charlotte has “stepped up to help take over some of her mum’s public role,” suggesting how the young princess disciplined her younger brother Prince Louis on many occasions.