David Beckham accused Victoria of 'waging media war' against him

Victoria and David Beckham's 'separate lives' exposed in explosive new book

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
David Beckham accused Victoria of 'waging media war' against him

David and Victoria Beckham's marriage faced a significant crisis eight years ago, with the couple leading separate lives and barely communicating, according to a new book by Tom Bower.

The situation allegedly deteriorated to the point where their publicists were feeding negative stories about each other to the media, with David accusing Victoria and her publicist of launching a "media war" against him.


Despite the challenges, the Beckhams ultimately worked through their issues and stayed together, just as they had previously done following allegations of David's infidelity with Rebecca Loos.

“Although the Beckhams could not hide their separate lives, they stuck together to support the Brand,” Bower claimed.

Tom Bower's book, The House of Beckham, offers a stark contrast to the Netflix documentary produced by David Beckham's production company, which presented a more sanitized version of their marriage.

While the documentary acknowledged the couple's past issues following Rebecca Loos' allegations, it glossed over their more recent problems.

According to Bower's book, the cracks in their marriage began to widen in 2016, with the couple spending extended periods apart, David in Miami and Victoria in London, leading to a significant deterioration in their relationship.

Bower wrote: “During London Fashion Week that year, she asked Beckham to return to London for a dinner in her Dover Street shop. By the end of the celebration, she must have wished he had stayed in America.

“Morosely, he sat staring at her guests. Some whispered that the two had been embroiled earlier in a foul-mouthed row."

Beckham was spotted at Heathrow later that evening, flying late to New York.