By News Desk
June 16, 2024

US President Joe Biden’s son was recently found guilty on various counts by a jury in the US. President Biden accepted the decision and expressed respect for the judicial process. This situation draws a comparison to our own justice system, particularly in cases involving politicians or other powerful individuals. Here, if a court decision favours someone, regardless of its legality, that individual or their party praises the judiciary. Conversely, if the decision is unfavourable, it is often rejected, again irrespective of its legal soundness.


This behaviour suggests that every judicial decision is perceived as politically motivated. While it is unfair to compare the political systems of a powerful, developed country with those of a weaker, developing nation, there are lessons to be learned about strengthening judicial and political processes. Politicians and other influential groups must recognize that an independent judiciary is crucial for upholding democratic principles.

Anwar Sayab Khan