Bret Michaels recalls Miley Cyrus' 'life-altering' moment that inspired her music

Bret Michaels recalled Miley Cyrus’ stance on her first-ever concert

By Web Desk
June 15, 2024
Bret Michaels recalls Miley Cyrus' first-ever concert

Bret Michaels recently recalled Miley Cyrus’ stance on her first-ever concert.

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE at the fore of her new A&E Biography series that revolves around the rock star’s life and career, the 61-year-old said: "Her first concert she ever went to was to see Poison in Nashville at the Starwood Amphitheatre. That was her first introduction to Poison."


Michaels recalled Cyrus telling him that the show was indeed “life-altering.”

Reflecting on the moment, he shared: "She said to me, 'It changed my life.' She goes, 'That's when I knew I wanted to mix my rock, my pop, my country,' and I said, 'I'm honored.'"

Taking a stroll down the memory lane, Michaels told the outlet: "Miley was incredible. We were in New York and we just started talking. She was recording, and she wanted to record the song."

In addition, he said the duo went down and recorded Every Rose Has Its Thorn together.

Previously, Bret credited Cyrus for being an “incredible singer.”

Referring to their Nothing to Lose collaboration, which featured on Michael’s Custom Built album, the singer claimed that Miley nailed every but of it.