This iOS 18 hidden feature is only visible when iPhone battery dies

With Apple's new feature iPhone users can view time even after the phone is dead or charging

By Web Desk
June 15, 2024
Apple unveils "Apple Intelligence", which includes Siri integration with ChatGPT in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. — Reddit/ant_t99

Ever since Apple released the first developer preview of iOS 18 in its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), users and tech enthusiasts have been discovering new unannounced features and updates.

The most recent discovery is related to the iPhone's battery, which is often a topic of debate and criticism, Digital Trends reported.


Apple phones have a unique power reserve feature that saves a small amount of battery to allow important support functions like Find My and Near-field Communication (NFC) to work even when the battery has almost finished.

With iOS 18, it seems the iPhone has extended this feature.

As per a post on social media platform Reddit, after the iOS 18 update, even if the battery has drained, iPhones will continue to display the time in the upper left corner of the screen as well as a message at the bottom that reads, "iPhone is findable."

According to MacRumours, this feature is available in iPhone 15 and the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

Following the WWDC 2024 event held on Monday, users have been finding new features, which is adding to the excitement and build-up until the launch, which is scheduled later this year.

Earlier this week, another new feature was discovered in iOS 18, which offers a redesigned iPhone flashlight that allows users to make the flashlight beam wider or narrower.