Blake Lively gushes about Taylor Swift’s ‘unmatched' music

Taylor Swift’s bestie Blake Lively praises pop stars music, admits being biggest fan

By Web Desk
June 15, 2024
Blake Lively praises Taylor Swift

Blake Lively is all about praising her best friend Taylor Swift, admitting to be the singers biggest fan.

"No, no, I really am," she pressed to Entertainment Tonight during an interview at Book Bonanza in Texas on Friday.


"You could've put any song on, like, her music is just, like, unmatched," she gushed of Swift's discography.

"Her writing is so beautiful and it's so personal and you can feel that, you can feel that in the way that she sings. You can feel that in her lyrics."

Lively also talked about her upcoming movie It Ends with Us, based on a novel of the same name.

"This story resonated with so many people, so there's a great responsibility, I'm Spider-Man," she said with a laugh.

“There's a great responsibility that comes with that, You want to honor this book and this character that people love so much, but you also want to bring a life and a humanity to it that is, you know, true to who you are, so it's just like a lot of different, you know, things that you want to accomplish in this story and I'm just so proud of this film.”