Blake Lively reflects on Taylor Swift’s connection to It Ends With Us

Blake Lively talks about Taylor Swift’s song in the upcoming Colleen Hoover’s movie adaptation

By Web Desk
June 15, 2024
Blake Lively discusses about her connection with Taylor Swift to It Ends With Us

Blake Lively has recently opened up about Taylor Swift’s connection in her new movie, It Ends With Us.

During a Q&A panel for Book Bonanza, Blake discussed about Taylor and Colleen Hoover’s association with this movie adaptation.


“Both Taylor and Colleen are linked as women who are authoring their stories,” she said.

Blake remarked, “What Taylor’s done with her life and career,” while Colleen “started [her novelist career] self-published”.

Blake stated, “Taylor and Colleen together made a lot of sense.”

While talking about Taylor’s song My Tears Ricochet, Blake stated that the song’s lyrics fit Colleen’s story.

“Colleen is able to tell something that’s deeply personal and intimate but is able to resonate with so many people,” explained the Gossip Girl star.

Blake, who is both executive producer and star of It Ends With Us, remarked, “Taylor, she’s such an incredible writer. She writes from such personal experiences and vulnerability.”

“Every single person in this movie is a revelation,” added the actress and producer.

While speaking with PEOPLE about the movie in April, Blake mentioned, “Lily character resonated with an enormous amount of people, as the success of the book made clear… Stepping into a character who’s had such a meaningful impact is an honour to take on."

Meanwhile, It Ends With Us is slated to release in theatres on August 9.